Interesting Software Development Resources

Here are some interesting resources I’ve found with regard to software development. [Note that embedded best-practices are also applicable to writing multi-threaded code and coding in other resource-limited environments]:

  • Interesting software dev articles from EE Times:
    • “Top causes of nasty embedded software bugs”: Part 1 Part 2
    • “Bug-killing standards for firmware coding”: Part 1 Part 2
  • 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know: An interesting little book that covers many aspects of the software development process (I have to add that you shouldn’t be afraid to break things unless that thing is the build. Don’t Break The Build!)

As an aside, while “don’t break the build” became my mantra early in my SCM roles, I had no idea how many variants there are on that theme on the web… everything from websites to t-shirts to videos. LOL! 😀

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